The Blog
This blog is following the making of Restaurant Relæ from behind the scenes. Everything from decisions on how to decorate the restaurant, what lamp to light up the tables and what water to be served for the guests will be posted here. Ups and downs will be commented until the opening of the restaurant, when the guests will be filling up the restaurant (hopefully!) the focus of the blog will be more on the creative processes of the kitchen. The development of dishes, sourcing of new products and experiments with new techniques will be posted regularly as well as considerations on the development of the concept.

The Restaurant
Restaurant Relæ is expected to open end of march or beginning of april 2010 in Jægersborggade 41, 2200 Copenhagen N.

The concept is simple.
The focus is on gastronomy and everything considered a waste of time and energy is cut off.

After quite a few years of experience from the top of gastronomy the time is ready for us to focus on the values that are close to our hearts. We want to move the patrons closer to the kitchen, the products and the ideas and modernise the dining experience in order to focus more on the essentials.

Relæ isn’t an attempt on making a cheap restaurant but a new way of thinking a gastronomic restaurant. A creative kitchen free from the cultural heritage pushed upon the traditional michelin-star driven restaurant and with the possibility to keep free of being put in one of the usual boxes. Fine-dining, brasserie, bistro.
As passionate professionals we have travelled the world in search of gastronomic delights. We have all accepted the required dress-code and taken a seat in a fine-dining restaurant with our bursting luggage of high expectations numerous times. Never for contemplating the shiny silver cutlery, the Philippe Starck designed table decorations or the sommeliers pointy moustache. We came for the mouthful. That mouthful that blows you off and justifies travelling to a foreign country for a dinner. That combination of flavours that suddenly seems obvious and that consistency that one didn’t believe possible. It’s in those mouthfuls that we remember our greatest experiences and its those mouthfuls we will focus our work on.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is as important as the food. Being an ambitious cook it’s never easy to admit but I honestly believe that most of my future patrons will focus more on their company for the night and the atmosphere surrounding them than the food on the plate. But the magic of good food and wine can have a great influence. An amazing starter can start off a great date and a beautiful creamy chocolate dessert can inspire to forgive all wrong things said and done during the night. The atmosphere of Relæ needs to be warm and welcoming, making everybody comfortable.

Great music is not only to be enjoyed in a classic concert hall, a smokey jazzclub in New Orleans would be the living proof. Relæ wants to give the gastronomic experience that you would expect if cooks built a kitchen on that stage in that club in New Orleans. Where the music makes the difference.

Christian F. Puglisi
Born in 1982 in Messina, Italy.

Arrived in Denmark in 1989.

Attended the Cooking School in Copenhagen and have been working in Le Petit Bofinger and Restaurant Taillevent in Paris. Røgeriet, Hansens Køkken og Bar, Søren K, Restuarant Oliva in Denmark and was most recently at El Bulli in Spain and the souschef at Restaurant Noma for 2 1/2 year.

Will be opening and running the kitchen of Restaurant Relæ in Spring 2010.

Also write articles and recipes for Politiken.

Kim Rossen
Born in 1974 in Greve, Denmark.

Trained as a cook in 1996 at Præstekilde Kro and continued studying to be a waiter at Sorø Storekro in 1998.

Travelled and worked the world for a handful of years with destinations as Australia, Bermuda, Barcelona and London.

Returned to Denmark where he worked at Resturant SuRi and most recently at the Michelin starred Ensemble and Noma.

Kim is co-founding Relæ and will be in charge of service and wine pairing.


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salut og hey,jeg kan ikke snakke meget godt dansk (jeg er havlt tysk og halvt fransk og kommer fra hamburg), men jeg kan godt læse dansk og det er meget spændende at læse om vores projekt. hvis I burger hjælp in any kinds or any ways I would be very happy to help you…. I’m looking forward to discover the place as soon you are opening…good luck so far…julie

Kommentar af Julie Vogelsberger

Hej Julie,

Thank you for everything, I am hoping to see you when we open!

Kommentar af Christian F. Puglisi

going to Copenhagen in June, for the first time. 4 of us going to Noma from Dublin. Would love to eat at your place too. I know it’s not open yet, but are you taking bookings???

Kommentar af aine

We would have to be open by june, Could you send an email to ? This way we will send a mail confirming the reservation a few weeks before.


Kommentar af Christian F. Puglisi

just found out about the restaurant worked with you for a week at noma could you let me know when the restaurant opens so i can book a table all the best michael

Kommentar af michael waugh

[…] the most dramatic, Christian F. Puglisi, this Danish chef was one of many who were on a mission to elevate what many consider ordinary, […]

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[…] Christian Puglisi Born in 1982 in Messina, Italy. Arrived in Denmark in 1989. […]

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